​Label Bio

Willie Charles aka TrumpTight ,Big Will ,Nemo, Trumptz has been locked away in the lab since his debut as producer of X-Raided-'sXorcist. TrumpTight now breaking all ties from Black Market Records and AWOL has now formed his Production/Record Label and heads into this industry. With a no holds bared attitude. TrumpTights talents have touched many in the industry Such as Luni Coleone, C-Bo, Ms.Marvaless ,and of course X-Raided to make his ever all So controversial Xorcist.."X- Raided's sophomore released recorded live from the Sac County Jail. TrumpTight is known for creating legends in this industry, and he only brings To the buyer theses artists that will grace your shelves in months to come. Maniac (All about Me, West Coast Ballin, Garden Blocc Ridaz, Realism Religion, West Coast Trippin), Da'Misses (West Coast Trippin, X-Raided's Xorcist,Deandly Game, All about Me), Luni Coleone, Gp. Killa Tay, Straight Laced, Mayhem and Joker bring up the tail end of this all so talented roster.IllMatik is one solid piece of work. The ILLMatik album cover Is inside the Garden Blocc Ridaz,and West Coast Ballin